As creepy as it sounds, I love to spend time in and photograph cemeteries. Especially the older ones like Cypress Hills and Calvary, where there is an enormous variety of headstones and mausoleums. Some headstones have old black and white photos of the deceased embedded in them. Some mausoleums have stained glass that is almost completely intact. You can encounter graves going back to the early 1800s. The state of the graves can vary from pristine to completely decrepit. Similar to my fascination with urban decay you can feel the history and see how time and nature reclaims everything.


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Pinhole Cameras

You can make your camera using something as simple as a shoebox. These are called pinhole cameras because your make-shift lens is literally a hole made by a pin or sewing needle. The body needs to be completely light tight and you need to have a secure shutter. Then you just need a darkroom to load and unload the photo paper. Here’s a link to a site called Instructables that gives you step by step directions on how to construct your own pinhole camera. This site is a great resources for any DIY projects.